7 Best DIY Security Systems of 2018 – What is DIY Security System?

DIY Security system is a collection of smart devices that provide monitoring and alarm reporting services for the sole purpose of home or property protection. It also refers to all common best personal security practices such as ensuring that the doors are locked. Other include ensuring that alarms activated, windows are closed, extra keys are not hidden outside, etc. Security systems such as Do-It-Yourself (DIY) offers homeowners a number of advantages. There is a lot of cost savings including installation charges and subscription fees.

Most DIY systems are easy to install and configure and are sold as kits that you can configure to suit your specific needs. As your needs grow you can order additional sensors and other components at your convenience and pair them to the system in a matter of minutes. In the market today, any residential DIY security systems at a basic level, may support one or two wireless protocols and usually offer a limited selection of add-on components. Whereas more expensive DIY systems will support multiple wireless protocols and are compatible with dozens of add-on components.

Best DIY Security Systems of 2018

Having reviewed a number of residential DIY security system providers in terms of affordability of equipment, professional monitoring services, and ease of customization, the following are adjudged the best residential DIY security systems.

  1. Frontpoint – Best Customer Service & Professional Monitoring
  2. Link Interactive – Affordable Video Monitoring
  3. Abode Connected Home Security – Best for Mobile App and Alexa Integration
  4. SimpliSafe – Cheapest Professional Monitoring
  5. Lowe’s Iris – Most Affordable Hardware
  6. Protect America – Simple DIY installation
  7. Canary – Great for Small Homes and Apartments

The major difference between a traditional home security system and the residential DIY system is monitoring service arrangement. When you hire a professional monitoring service provider for your system, the monitoring organization takes charge of contacting you and the authorities if your system goes off. A residential DIY security system gives you peace of mind because of live feeds, mobile alerts, the smart home integration that it provides.

Frontpoint Security System:

Frontpoint has a great reputation for its excellent customer service, transparent pricing, and features like DIY installation that can save you time and money. If you’re a renter, in the military, or just looking ahead, Frontpoint offers completely wireless and 100% removable equipment that you can take with you when you move. This means no drilling when you install, and no holes in the wall when you leave. Frontpoint also offers their unique Crash and Smash Protection that safeguards you in case of damage to your equipment during a break in. Purchasing from Frontpoint is straightforward and simple. The only catch is that you must have cell reception where you live because it uses cell phone towers.

Features of Frontpoint DIY security system

They include the following:

All Frontpoint home security systems are 100% wireless because the control panel communicates with the monitoring center through a cellular uplink. This means there’s no drilling into your walls and no wires for an intruder to cut. With Frontpoint, you don’t even need a landline phone to communicate with monitoring centers. You can stick to your cell phone or communicate through smoke signals. Either way, it doesn’t affect your security.

Mobile Access:
With Frontpoint security Interactive and Ultimate plans, you can control your security system from any smartphone or web-enabled device. You can access your security system, alarm history, and visitor activity. You can also set up custom alerts that suit your needs, and remotely control your thermostat, lighting, and security cameras.

Huge Cost Savings:
Frontpoint home security gives you options. You can sign up for either a 12-month or a 36-month agreement. When you sign a 36-month agreement, you instantly save $300 on your security system. If you shy away from commitment and decide a 12-month agreement is for you, you can save up to $25 on your security system.

Do-It-Yourself Option:

With Frontpoint security, you install your system yourself. There aren’t any wires and it only takes about 30 minutes to set up. A Frontpoint activation representative will walk you through the process over the phone, so it’s pretty foolproof. Your security system will be pre-configured for your home and comprised of GE security equipment with a 2-year warranty.

Ideal for renters
Frontpoint is one of the only professionally monitored security systems on the market for renters. The system is completely wireless with 100% cellular connections, meaning you never have to worry about a power outage or a faulty phone line. You can install the equipment on your own time with no drilling or hammering and definitely no holes. All equipment is just as easy to remove from your house as it is to install. When it’s time to move, you simply unplug the system and take everything with you—it’s free to move your system to a new location.