eBay App – How to Download eBay Mobile App

eBay app is an efficient and smart mobile application that allows users to buy and sell on eBay web portal. With this application, you can buy and sell with ease. You can download eBay app for your Android, iOS and other smart devices from their respective app store. The good news is that even without the eBay mobile app, you can still make use of eBay’s official website on your smart device. However, downloading the eBay app is recommended for agile performance and better experience. eBay app helps in the management of your data usage. This is because, with the app, you don’t have to log on to eBay website from your computer using a web browser. By so doing, your data usage is minimized.

eBay App

There are a lot of other interesting and unique features of the app. It helps you to facilitate speedy transaction on eBay. It also allows sellers to re-list and receive their listing on the go. The app automatically sends a notification to your mobile phone as soon as changes occur. It also gives the sellers the ability to manage their item list and reach out to customers at any time. With this app, resellers can effectively benchmark prices of items and compare competitor’s prices via social media. The app’s notification service sends alert to buyers who use the app for bidding.

Key Features of eBay App

eBay app has three call to action buttons. The buttons can be found at the top of the screen immediately after the search bar. Tap on any of them to reveal their contents.

  • Shop Button contains promos and deals of the day. It displays different item suggestions based on your search criteria. Swipe to any side of the app to reveal other categories.
  • The Activity Button gives you the opportunity to view all your recent items. Here is where you can view the summary of your shopping activities in one place. To view all activities in your account, tap the “view all” link below each section. This will reveal your eBay activity logs.
  • With the Sell Button, you list the items for sale. It allows you to select the items to add them to your sales list. Sell tab allows you to view your sales activity log. It logs main items and their related products. Any sales initiated with eBay app will be logged whether completed or in progress.

eBay app has a barcode scanning tool that allows you to see if an item has been sold on eBay or not. To use the scan tool, tap the search field. This will reveal a microphone icon. Go ahead to tap the microphone icon. A barcode line will be displayed with the scan results.

How to Download eBay App on your Mobile Devices

Go to the app store on your device. Play Store in case you are an Android user and Apple Store for iOS users. Tap on search bar when the app store loads and enter “eBay” on the search bar. When you have entered the word “eBay” on the search bar, eBay mobile app logo will be displayed. Tap on the app logo to open the application information page. Once you tap on the “Install” button, the eBay app download and installation will begin.